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The Privacy (Private Sector) Amendment Act came into effect in December 2001.

It introduced a set of National Privacy Principles that apply to private sector organisations, including the requirement to have a privacy policy. Set out below is the Fairfax Privacy Policy.

This policy applies to all activities and operations of John Fairfax Holdings Limited and its related companies (the "Fairfax Group"), except for Fairfax Digital Limited and its related companies for which a separate policy is set out below, and except for activities in the course of journalism which are regulated by the Press Council privacy standards. The Fairfax Digital Privacy Policy is a policy written specifically for the Fairfax websites and online business operations.

Activities in the course of journalism

The Privacy Act exempts from its ambit acts by media organisations in the course of journalism when the organisation is publicly committed to observing a set of privacy standards. For its journalism activities, the Fairfax Group has publicly committed to observing the set of privacy standards that were developed by the Australian Press Council in conjunction with its constituent members. These standards are set out below.

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